Coarse Screens and Fine Screens

Mechanically cleaned bar screens for wastewater treatment plants

Coarse and fine wastewater bar screens for all types of applications and environments

Coarse Screens

Capturing difficult debris in the toughest conditions

Coarse bar screens are designed to remove some of the toughest and most difficult-to-capture debris. With multiple rakes and openings from ½ inch to 4 inches, these wastewater bar screens can handle varied flows, debris types and volumes. With a variety of different designs, each coarse bar screen is adapted to suit the environment and application, from wastewater and collection systems to industrial applications to open channel applications and more. Each coarse wastewater bar screen combines simplicity with durability to create a product with a long product life, low cost of ownership and high versatility. Whatever your needs or situation, our experts can help you find a coarse wastewater screen that works with your debris type, existing equipment, volume and more.

  • FlexRake® Full Penetration (FP) model: With openings greater than ½ inch, the FlexRake FP manages sticky and challenging debris with ease, making it ideal for wastewater and industrial applications.
  • FlexRake® Heavy Duty (FRHD) model: Engineered for applications where debris size and velocity may be unpredictable, this model can handle general refuse, aquatic vegetation, tree limbs, tires, oil drums, car frames and more.
  • FlexRake® Rake Option Only (FRO): The FlexRake mounts to existing coarse wastewater bar screens with openings of ½ inch to 4 inches (or greater). The automated, durable system makes cleaning economical and effective in many different situations.
FlexRake FP

In 2018, the FlexRake at City of Adrian WWTP celebrated 20 years of trouble-free, 24/7 operation Read more


Design Collaboration

To build your solution, our engineers take the time to understand your facility, process, and goals.

We’ll combine our team’s experience with water screening, cleaning, and processing with your team’s detailed understanding of your product and process, so we can develop a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Fine Screens

Fine screening equipment for all types of applications and industries

Duperon wastewater treatment fine screens vary from 0.125 inches to .5 inches. Designed with automated FlexRake® cleaning and a tough, durable frame, the fine wastewater screens clean wastewater in municipal, industrial, and open channel applications. Different designs are made to optimize wastewater treatment under different conditions and applications. Whether you are dealing with very fine, sticky debris, larger particles, varying water volumes, or other challenges, we have high-quality wastewater fine screens that can continuously clean the water with the highest level of efficacy.

  • The FlexRake® Full Penetration Fine Screen (FPFS) model: With multi-rake fine screening, rugged, adaptive technology, and 0.25 in and 0.5 in bar openings, this model is ideal for sticky, challenging debris in wastewater and industrial applications.
  • The FlexRake® Fine Screen (FS) model: With openings between 0.020 in to 0.125 in, this model is highly adaptable and operates across the intake with slow, continuous movement.. The FlexRake FS can handle small and large debris, process peaks, and prevents fish impingement against the screen.
  • The FlexRake® Fine Screen Boutique (FSB) model: This completely contained, pre-engineered, pipe-to-pipe solution is ideal for food processing, wineries, and small food and beverage applications. Using a t-shaped wedgewire screen with 0.020 to 0.125 openings, this model can efficiently manage process byproducts and wastewater.
FlexRake FPFS

Read how KCMO attributes FlexRake® FPFS high capture rate substantially reduces debris-related maintenance and improves plant discharge compliance to platinum status. Read case study

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Low Flow, High Solids Screens

Resilient, Adaptive Wastewater Screens for Prisons, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and more

Duperon’s low flow, high solids screens are made to adapt to and solve increased inflow and infiltration issues due to aging infrastructure, as well as “flushable” wipes, grit and first flush debris that add stress on treatment systems. This allows prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, and municipalities to deal with increasing flood conditions and more challenging debris. With Jam Evasion™ Technology, these wastewater screens flex and pivot around large debris, while still ensuring the engagement of the screen. Sensing technology allows the screen to automatically adapt to fine screening and coarse screening conditions as needed. These systems utilize the same resilient, low-maintenance construction that has made other Duperon models so effective, while employing technology specifically for low flow, high solids situations.

  • FlexRake® Global Technology Screen (GTS): This fine bar screen with openings between 0.25 in and 0.5 in provides cost-effective screening for low flow, high solids applications. With Jam Evasion™ Technology, a fixed drive head can be easily adjusted to site conditions and debris while maintaining engagement with the screen.
  • FlexRake® IQ™: This patent-pending system uses sequence technology to solve increasing inflow and infiltration problems, delivering four times greater debris removal than other screens. This model speeds up and slows down as needed to accommodate changing debris and flow conditions.
  • FlexRake® IQ2™: This screening system automatically transitions between fine screening and coarse screening to suit the conditions. With all the features of the original FlexRake® IQ™, this model also uses Smart Bar Screen™ technology for additional hydraulic capacity.
FlexRake IQ 2

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