Wastewater Systems

Solving Complex Wastewater Challenges

Preventing Flushable Wipes Clogs and Solving Low-Flow System Problems


Solving “Flushable” Wipes Problems

Preventing Wipes Clogs Without Downstream Reweaving

“Flushable” wipes have caused extensive damage to collection systems and wastewater treatment plants across the country. Removing wipes clogs is a dangerous and dirty job, but grinders simply create reweaving problems further downstream. Duperon designed a wastewater system solution to solve this problem: the Dual Auger system. The Dual Auger system removes wipes before they become a problem, with no need for difficult and time-consuming removal tasks. The Dual Auger system is designed for easy installation right where clogging occurs; it can be installed in 17” manholes and can move debris up to 40 ft vertically to grade level. This means the Dual Auger system can be installed in almost any wastewater system where flushable wipes clogs occur, including municipal wastewater facilities, nursing homes, prisons, campgrounds, and many more. This simple and reliable system has already saved many municipalities hundreds of hours of hard work and thousands of dollars worth of repairs.


  • Wetwells
  • Manholes
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons
  • Septage receiving
  • Campgrounds
  • Truck stops
  • Industrial applications
  • Municipal headworks
  • Package plants
Dual Auger System

See how the Dual Auger System saved one municipality up to $40K annually on parts and labor. Read more


Complete Screening and Solids Handling Solutions for Small Treatment Systems

The Low Flow System was designed to solve the challenges faced by small and rural communities with decentralized wastewater systems. The Low Flow System is made for sites with an average flow of less than 1 MGD and up to 4 MGD. The versatile FlexRake, combined with a perfectly-sized washer compactor, creates an optimal solution for removing debris from systems dealing with low flow conditions. This system is also highly cost-effective, with a long-lasting, durable construction that requires little maintenance, so it’s easy to install and maintain on a limited budget. This fully automated solution is self-cleaning and provides superior washing and compaction, reducing waste volume by up to 80%. This system also removes the need for time-consuming manual cleaning of static bar screens or cylindrical basket screens. The Low Flow System is simple, yet highly effective, with the same adaptable and robust design that makes all Duperon solutions long-lasting and highly effective.


  • Municipal Wastewater
  • Rural communities or small communities with less than 1 MGD average flow (peak flows up to 4 MGD)
  • Decentralized wastewater sites
FlexRake LF

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