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Reliable screening for intakes, process water recycling and wastewater treatment that serve the pulp and paper industry

Optimized water management for sustainable profitability

Water plays an essential role in the pulp and paper industry. A plant’s productivity and profitability have a direct correlation to its water usage and associated treatment costs. Duperon liquid/solids separation technologies help pulp and paper operations run smoothly and optimize water use.

  • Since water is required for almost every part of the manufacturing process, it is critical that production has uninterrupted flow.
  • As water is drawn from an intake (or recycled) it must be free of debris to avoid damaging downstream equipment and processes. Simple, reliable screening at the intake eliminates blinding and captures harmful debris ensuring consistent water supply for production.
  • To reduce costs and their environmental impact, many pulp and paper facilities recycle their process water. To successfully do this, contaminants that were introduced in the manufacturing process must be removed before process water can be reused. Screens designed to efficiently separate liquid and solids increase plant productivity and maximize water reuse, providing a significant cost savings.
  • Additionally, screening can recover pulp and fiber, increasing profitability by recovering valuable material from the waste stream and reducing disposal costs.
  • Screening improves the efficiency of biological and chemical wastewater treatment processes that are often required to meet regulations, discharge permits and maintain environmental compliance.
  • All of which allows you to focus your team and resources on production rather than treatment.

Duperon offers solutions for pump protection at intake screens, solids removal for process water reuse, and preliminary treatment for onsite wastewater for the pulp and paper industry. The simplicity of Duperon’s equipment translates into reliability, eliminating downtime, minimal maintenance, all while helping meet discharge compliance.

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Duperon screens are designed to be simple and durable in order to perform in a variety of conditions. Materials of construction are selected to maximize the life of the equipment in extreme temperature and PH levels. Our simple designs can be applied to solve high organic loading, batch processing, and a wide range of flow conditions without significant manpower requirements in the following applications:  

  • Pulp and paper processing
  • Particle board
  • Paper recycling
  • Milling
  • Paper packaging

Solutions to address the following:

Duperon application engineers have listening down to a science. We will work with you to achieve your specific process goals, while bringing decades of liquid/solids separation experience to the conversation. Duperon screens can be used to solve a variety of pulp and paper processing to address the following:

  • Coarse screening
  • Intake screens
  • Fine screening
  • Preliminary wastewater treatment
  • Resource recovery screens
  • In-channel screening
  • Piped-in screening
  • Packaged screening solutions
  • Pump protection
  • Drum screens
  • Conveyance
  • Disinfection prescreening (Ozone, chlorine, UV, etc)
  • Clarifier prescreening
  • Aeration/settling pond prescreening

The Duperon®


With few parts and minimal maintenance, Duperon equipment is easy to install, own and operate by crew

Reduce treatment costs

Duperon screens optimize solids removal that lower BOD, COD, the amount of treatment chemicals needed and debris loading of downstream processes


Designed to maintain critical operations without downtime

Low maintenance

Allows primary focus to remain on revenue-generating activities

Increased profitability

Recovering pulp and fiber for increased profitably that would otherwise be lost revenue and incur expenses for disposal

Responsive service

‘You’ll like working with us!’ is not just a slogan at Duperon, it’s a way of operating to deliver extraordinary customer care during your planned maintenance cycles and with strategic inventory agreements

Pulp & Paper
Solutions we provide

Coarse Screening

Bar openings greater than ½ in

Used for pump protection in raw water intakes

Fine Screening

Openings ½ in down to 0.020 in

Solids removal prior to process water recycling

Solids removal prior to clarification, aeration, and/or disinfection treatment

Solids recovery

Debris Management

Collection and Conveyance

Processing and transport of collected screenings for disposal

Screening and Solids Handling Products

Screening and debris management products for industrial applications are designed to work continuously, reliably, and efficiently. A simple and effective design reduces maintenance and costs, keeping your operating expenses low.

Duperon® Conveyance

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Alternate to discharging onto the deck by application. Mechanical transportation and processing of captured debris.

Duperon® FlexRake IQ®

FlexRake IQ

⅛ in – 4 in bar openings

In-channel fine or coarse, slotted bar screen with re-imagined FlexLink™ and Thru-Bar™ technology. Smart Raking™ enhancements and Smart LogIQ™ Sequence of Operations.

Duperon® FlexRake® FP

FlexRake FP

Bar openings greater than ½ in

In-channel coarse, slotted bar screen with FlexLink™ and UHMW Thru-Bar™ technology. Ideal for ‘sticky’ or matting debris. SSTL construction.

Duperon® FlexRake® FPFS

FlexRake FPFS

¼ in – ½ in bar openings

Fine, slotted bar screen with FlexLink™ and SSTL Thru-Bar™ technology. Ideal for ‘sticky’ or matting debris. SSTL construction.

Duperon® FlexRake® FRHD

FlexRake FRHD

2 in – 4 in bar openings 

In-channel coarse, slotted bar screen with serrated UHMW scrapers and FlexLink™ Jam Evasion™ technology. SSTL construction used for wastewater.

Duperon® FlexRake® FS

FlexRake FS

0.020 in – ⅛ in bar openings

In-channel wedgewire screen. FlexLink™ Jam Evasion™ technology. SSTL construction.

Duperon® Sluice


Conveyance of captured debris using trough, water and gravity.

Products quick guide

Product Name Screen Type Bar Opening Bar Type Engineering
FlexRake® Fine Screen Fine 0.020 in to ⅛ in Wedgewire, SSTL Site Specific
FlexRake® IQ Coarse & Fine ⅛ in to 4 in Slotted Bar, SSTL Site Specific
FlexRake® Full Penetration Fine Screen Fine ¼ in to ½ in Slotted Bar, SSTL Site Specific
FlexRake® Full Penetration Coarse Greater than ½ in Slotted Bar, SSTL Site Specific
Package Screening System Coarse & Fine 0.020 to 2 in Slotted Bar or wedgewire, SSTL Site Specific
FlexRake® Heavy Duty Coarse 2 in – 4 in Slotted Bar, A36 Steel, coated for intake. SSTL in wastewater Site Specific

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Design Collaboration

To build your solution, our engineers take the time to understand your facility, process, and goals.

We’ll combine our team’s experience with water screening, cleaning, and processing with your team’s detailed understanding of your product and process, so we can develop a reliable and cost-effective solution.