FlexRake® GTS

Global Technology Screen

¼ in – ½ in bar openings

The advantage of FlexRake® Adaptive Technology™ for high solids applications

Cost-effective screening for low flow, high solids applications

The FlexRake® GTS is designed to serve septage receiving stations, prisons, nursing homes, hospitals, and other applications with heavy solids loading.  It is a fine bar screen available in ¼ inch, ⅜ inch and ½ inch openings. There are in-channel and tank models (piped-in, piped-out) options. 

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The FlexRake GTS – Global Technology Screen has three unique product offerings for low flow screening applications but with a unique value proposition for customers with sites that have heavy solids loading.  As has been consistent with the history of Duperon Corporations ability to invent, the GTS  modified its Jam Evasion™ Technology with a fixed drive head that can be adjusted to site conditions, flex/pivot around large debris all while assuring the engagement into the screen to provide critical movement of heavy solids concentrations.  These features allow a plant or facility with very difficult conditions such as a system ‘flush’ to dry or minimal flows to operate without issue.


  • Septage receiving
  • Prisons
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • And other low flow, high solids applications
FlexRake GTS

The Duperon®

The Duperon®
FlexRake® GTS

Automated solution

Simple and cost-effective mechanical bar screen option for low flow, high solids sites 

Proven FlexRake technology

Adapts to a range of unpredictable flow and debris conditions without shutdown or operator intervention  

Low cost of ownership

With few parts, a fractional horsepower motor, and minimal maintenance, the FlexRake GTS is easy to install, own, and operate by your crew

Designed for duty

Engineered to perform in fine screening applications that have low flows and high solids loading

Optimized engagement

Specially designed drivehead is site-adjustable to allow Jam Evasion™ to flex/pivot around debris and also ensures optimal engagement in the screen to avoid blinding in heavy solid conditions 

Tank models available

Piped-in, piped-out option for sites that don’t have channel infrastructure 

Read how the FlexRake GTS replaced a failing grinder in a septage receiving station, using the existing tank to save money Read more

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The FlexRake® GTS is a simple front-clean, front-return mechanical bar screen. It features the SmartLink™ multifunctional link system, which eliminates underwater sprockets, bearings or tracks that create a fixed path of travel and are subject to fouling and/or jamming.  The SmartLink design is engineered for long product life and has no minimal water level requirements. The groundbreaking Jam Evasion™ Technology allows the FlexRake GTS to flex/pivot to remove irregular debris or high solids gluts (i.e. bedsheets, jumpsuits, adult wipes, etc).

General Specs

Typical Applications Septage receiving



Nursing homes

And other low flow, high solids applications

Unit Width 18 in to 4 ft

Single strand unit available 18 in to 24 in

Channel Height 2 ft to 8 ft
Bar Openings ¼ in, ⅜ in, and  ½ in
Bar Shape Tear-drop shaped, welded bar screen
Scraper Configuration SSTL Thru-Bar™ scrapers that clean all sides of the bar and the cross member
Material of Construction Available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Flow Capacity Designed to your site
Cleaning Frequency 1 discharge/minute on low

5 discharges/minute on high

Lifting Capacity 500 lbs
Angle of Installation 10 – 30 degrees (from vertical), dependent upon site conditions
Typical Motor ½ hp inverter duty, explosion proof
Standard Controls Packages range from simple start/stop to sophisticated automation.

Motor overload protection provided.

Operation Options Continuous/Manual

Automatic with timer, float, SCADA, differential/high-level sensing options with I/O as needed

Key Features

Tear-drop shaped welded bars provide highest efficiency in the industry; 25%-50% more efficient (depending on the bar opening)

SSTL Thru-Bar™ scrapers clean all three sides of the bar and cross member

Proven Duperon® FlexRake® technology: no lower bearings, sprockets, jam points or confined space entries

UHMW & SSTL SmartLink™ is completely corrosion-resistant, provides long life and is self-lubricating material

UHMW and SSTL SmartLink allows for “dry” operation  which is ideal for low flow sites with varying water levels since there is no minimum depth required


FlexRake GTS

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Since the installation of the Duperon® FlexRake® GTS there have been no issues downstream. It has been so much better, even better than we expected. There are no maintenance issues anymore

Darey Hjelmeland
Plant Supervisor, Rural Municipality of Gimli

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