FlexRake® FPFS

Full Penetration Fine Screen

¼ in to ½ in bar openings

The workhorse that set the standard for simplicity in fine screening in the water and wastewater industry

Fine screening for difficult-to-capture debris

The FlexRake® Full Penetration Fine Screen (FPFS) model offers multi-rake fine screening for openings ¼ inch to ½ inch. It combines rugged adaptive technology from the FlexRake’s flood control origins and is specifically engineered to manage sticky or difficult-to-capture debris, making it ideal for wastewater and industrial applications. 

The FlexRake FPFS has been installed in hundreds of sites in a variety of applications. Wherever applied, it is a workhorse that just keeps running and optimizing downstream process and equipment performance. The inherent value of the FlexRake is its simplicity: long product life, low cost of ownership, and adaptability to a range of site conditions (varied flows, debris types, and volumes).

Duperon Corporation continues to reinvent what is possible for simplicity in screening. Imagine what’s next.

Wastewater & Collection Systems Applications:

  • Preliminary treatment
  • Headworks
  • Pump stations
  • Lift stations
  • Combined sewer overflows
  • Prisons

Industrial Applications:

  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Food and beverage

Open Channel Applications:

  • Raw water intakes
  • And other applications where debris is highly variable or difficult-to-capture.
FlexRake FP

The Duperon®

The Duperon®
FlexRake® FPFS

Superior performance

High capture rate and efficient hydrodynamics allow for more favorable flow conditions and less headloss 

Flexible design

Adapts to a range of unpredictable flow and debris conditions without operator intervention

Process resilience

Effective fine solids removal through a broad range of flow and debris conditions so downstream assets remain protected

Reliable operation

The FlexRake FPFS adapts to handles grease, grit, first flushes, rags, large or unusual debris (2×4’s, bricks or sewer plugs) without shutdown or operator intervention

Low cost of ownership

With few parts and minimal maintenance required, Duperon equipment is easy to install, own, and operate

No in-channel maintenance

Everything is serviceable from the deck, eliminating confined space entries, jamming and routine in-channel maintenance


Engineered to fit the unique needs of your site

Read how KCMO attributes  FlexRake® FPFS high capture rate substantially reduces debris-related maintenance and improves plant discharge compliance to platinum status Read more

Terry Duperon

Our story is simple

Our Story Is Simple

The wastewater industry has long recognized the benefits of using finer screening to remove as much inorganic materials as possible in preliminary treatment. Fine screening improves downstream process efficiency, the operational reliability of equipment, and reduces maintenance.

The City of Grand Rapids, Michigan calculated the cost to treat their screenings upfront at the headworks or later in their treatment process. Motivated by the cost savings and process improvements, the City upgraded its CSO facility influent screens from ⅞ inch to ¼ inch with Duperon FlexRake(R) equipment. 

This retrofit required a solution that could manage the exponential blinding factors unique to applying a fine screen in a high peaking CSO application. During wet weather events, flows of 135 MGD would scour their large sewer lines, bringing collected grease, settled grit, and rags to the headworks all at once. Additionally, large volumes of grit were attributed to a nearby upstream asphalt plant, creating an intense first flush.  

 Subtle modifications were implemented to expand the FlexRake’s range of operating parameters so it could thrive in tough fine screening applications like Grand Rapids. These modifications included new hydraulically efficient tear-drop shaped bars, variable speed capabilities, stainless steel scrapers, and a channel bottom plate, all of which have now become the design standard for the FlexRake FPFS. This was made possible with the partnership of our customer and the simple, customizable design flexibility of the FlexRake product line. Duperon Corporation continues to reinvent what is possible for simplicity in screening. Imagine what’s next.

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The FlexRake® FPFS is a front-clean, front-return, mechanically cleaned bar screen. Features the industry-leading FlexLink™ multifunctional link system, which eliminates underwater sprockets, bearings or tracks that create a fixed path of travel and are subject to fouling and/or jamming. The groundbreaking flex/pivot action of the Duperon FlexRake® is unhampered by large debris.

The FlexRake® FPFS is a fine screen that utilizes individually replaceable, stainless steel, tear-drop shaped bars with ¼ inch to ½ inch openings. Stainless steel Thru-Bar™ scrapers eliminate accumulation by cleaning all three sides of the bar and cross members to remove hard-to-capture-debris.

General Specs

Typical Applications Wastewater & Collection Systems Applications

  • Preliminary treatment
  • Headworks
  • Pump/lift stations
  • Combined sewer overflows
  • Prisons

Industrial Applications:

  • Pulp and paper mills
  • Food and beverage

Open Channel Applications:

  • Raw water intakes

…and other applications where debris is highly variable, tends to wrap/cling, or is difficult-to-capture.

Unit Width 2 ft to 12 ft

Single strand unit available 18 in to 24 in

Unit Length 10 ft to 100 ft
Bar Openings ¼ in, ⅜ in, and  ½ in
Bar Shape Tear-drop shaped bar
Scraper Configuration SSTL Thru-Bar™ scrapers that clean all sides of the bar and the cross member and UHMW-PE staging scrapers
Material of Construction Available in 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
Flow Capacity Designed to your site
Cleaning Frequency 1 discharge/minute on low

4 discharges/minute on high

Lifting Capacity 1000 lbs

3000 lbs option available

Angle of Installation Vertical to 45 degrees, dependent upon site conditions
Typical Motor ½ hp inverter duty, explosion proof
Standard Controls Packages range from simple start/stop to sophisticated automation.

Motor overload protection provided.

Operation Options Continuous/Manual

Automatic with timer, float, SCADA, differential/high-level sensing options with I/O as needed

Key Features

Industry-leading FlexLink™ eliminates lower sprockets, submerged bearings and tracks 

FlexLink multifunctional link system has ultimate strength of 60,000 lbs with unmatched durability 

Full-Range Flexibility adapts to debris variations; from grit and grease to hard hats and sewer plugs

Jam-Evasion Technology lifts or pivots to process large debris without shutdown or jamming

Tear-drop shaped bars are the most efficient on the market and allow for more favorable flow characteristics and less headloss

High-capture Thru-Bar™ cleaning cleans all three sides of the bar and the cross member

Fractional horsepower motors used for energy efficiency 

5 year warranty for wastewater applications

Everything is serviceable from the deck to eliminate in-channel maintenance and confined space entries


FlexRake FPFS

Photo Gallery

Case Studies

City of Grand Rapids Case Study

Duperon proves “you’ll like working with us” both in customer service and product performance for Grand Rapids CSO facility

KC Water Case Study

FlexRake® bar screen replaces grinder, drastically improves operational reliability of downstream equipment and discharge clarity by removing solids

Wayne County Case Study

With no lower sprocket and low cost of ownership, the FlexRakes deliver reliablity for a Michigan CSO facility

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It’s been great, both in reliability and the maintenance…. It’s really surpassed our expectations. The customer service has been great all the way through

Dan Alford
Former Assistant Superintendent, Wayne County Downriver WWTF

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