Flood Control

& Stormwater

Reliable operation when the storm comes

Weather is unpredictable, your trashrakes shouldn’t be

From seasonal runoff to 100-year storms – open channel trash rakes must operate dependably. A flood control plan is often the only thing between a weather event and the loss of life and property. This makes reliability the key issue for automatic trash rakes/bar screen systems because:

  • Trash rakes are the first line of defense, they are critical to keeping pumps operating; moving water to prevent flooding; and to meeting accountabilities for public and community protection.
  • No one can predict what will find its way into an open channel, trash rakes must be designed to minimize jamming or binding and adapt to debris and flow variations.
  • Trash rakes often sit idle for extended periods of time between weather events, the technology must be resistant to binding and corrosion to assure the ability to start on command. Rakes must function reliably during the brunt of any event without fail.
  • When the storm hits with high winds, high flows and volumes, trash rakes must work absolutely: without long cycle times; without cables to tangle; and without chains and sprockets that foul underwater.
  • Underwater maintenance is expensive and inconvenient, it is important that trash rake maintenance be such that it can be performed from the deck. Fouling is most likely to occur when a storm hits—causing performance issues at a time when divers cannot be safely sent into the water to correct them.

Duperon Corporation’s roots are deep in the flood control and stormwater sector.  Prior to supplying trash rakes, founder Terry Duperon was an inventor and manufacturer of pumps. He saw that his customers had a problem in storm events – their pumps would shut down to avoid cavitation when water levels dropped from fast-moving debris damming their trash racks. These pumps were needed to protect communities from flooding. By looking beyond the pumps to the source of the problem, Terry began inventing screening technologies that provided consistent pump protection, that were groundbreakingly simple, cost-effective and easy to own.

Debris removal


Our team continues to solve the real problems facing our customers with simple and lasting solutions in the following applications:

  • Stormwater pump stations
  • Flood control pump stations
  • Drainage pump stations
  • Levee district pump stations
  • Irrigation canal pump stations

Our Solutions address the following

Duperon partners with you to solve your unique collection system challenges and provides expertise in the following areas:

  • Coarse screens
  • Trash rakes
  • Trash racks
  • Bar screens

The Duperon®

Reliable operation

Keep pumps running and water moving to protect life and property

System resilience

Duperon equipment adapts to a wide range of debris and flow variations for whatever makes it into the channel. Handling everything from general refuse, aquatic vegetation, tree limbs, tree branches and shrubs to lumber, tires, oil drums and automobile frames

Built-in redundancy

Multiple scrapers and screens keep the full intake clean and water flowing

Automated for safety

No operator intervention required during storm events and all maintenance is above the deck to avoid dangerous or expensive underwater upkeep


With few parts and minimal maintenance Duperon equipment is easy to install, own and operate by crew


‘You’ll like working with us’ is a commitment and way we deliver extraordinary customer care for the full life-cycle of your equipment. This is how we strive to earn the privilege to serve your continued screening needs

You’ll like
working with us

Highly recommend the system because it has significantly reduced our manual labor needs and safety concerns

Shaun Grover
Water Master, Mud Lake Water Users

Flood Control and Stormwater
Solutions we provide

Coarse Screening

Bar openings greater than ½ in

Automated trash racks and trash rakes

Debris Management

Collection and Conveyance

Processing and transport of collected debris

Flood Control and Stormwater Products

For screens and trash rakes in stormwater channels, resiliency and simplicity are key. Duperon equipment uses a simple design that performs consistently and requires minimal maintenance. There is no need for diving, no complicated controls, and no jamming. These products have been tested in a variety of environments and conditions. Many are still in operation after decades of demanding use. 

Duperon® Conveyance

Shaftless Screw Conveyor

Alternate to discharging onto the deck by application. Mechanical transportation and processing of captured debris.

Duperon® FlexRake® FRHD

FlexRake FRHD

2 in – 4 in bar openings 

In-channel coarse, slotted bar screen with serrated UHMW scrapers and FlexLink™ Jam Evasion™ technology. SSTL construction used for wastewater.

Duperon® FlexRake® Only

FlexRake FRO

Bar opening dependent on existing trash rack.

FlexRake raking device with FlexLink™ technology is mounted onto customer’s existing bar rack using I-Beam or sidefab mounts.

Duperon® Harvest Rake

Harvest Rake

A unique solution to manage high volumes of aquatic vegetation for algae harvesting and nutrient removal.

Duperon® Self-Cleaning Trashrack


2 in – 3 in bar opening

Front clean, rear return design. For sites that experience severe conditions with high volumes, high velocities and large debris present. 

Products quick guide

Product Name Screen Type Bar Opening Bar Type Engineering
Self-Cleaning Trashrack Coarse 2 in – 3 in Slotted Bar, A36 Steel coated or hot-dipped galvanized. SSTL options available Site Specific
FlexRake® Heavy Duty Coarse 2 in – 4 in Slotted Bar, A36 Steel coated or hot-dipped galvanized. SSTL options available Site Specific
FlexRake® Rake Only Coarse & Fine Uses existing trash rack or wedgewire screen Uses existing trash rack or wedgewire screen Site Specific
Harvest Rake Coarse & Fine ¼ in – 4 in Tear-drop shaped bar Site Specific

See how FlexRake FRHD Heavy Duty units prevented flooding for a local Louisiana community during Hurricane Katrina & Rita Read case study

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Case Studies

City of Dallas Case Study

Automated Self-Cleaning Trashracks (SCT) proves reliable in harshest storm conditions for Dallas flood control. The SCTs handle everything from automobiles to bottle caps for ultimate pump protection and safety.

Tell us about your project

Do you have a screening challenge at your flood control or stormwater pump station? Let’s solve it together.


Design Collaboration

To build your solution, our engineers take the time to understand your facility, process, and goals.

We’ll combine our team’s experience with water screening, cleaning, and processing with your team’s detailed understanding of your product and process, so we can develop a reliable and cost-effective solution.