Steve Aiken Awarded 2015 "Excellence in Service" Award by Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA)

Steve Aiken, Regional Sales Manager at Duperon Corporation, has been awarded the 2015 New Excellence in Service award by the Michigan Water Environment Association (MWEA). This honor is given to acknowledge extraordinary personal service to forward the goals and vision of the Michigan Water Environment Association.
“It is very humbling to be honored and recognized by my peers,” said Aiken. “It is a good feeling to be recognized for the work that we do – everyone who is involved with the MWEA works very hard as good stewards of the water we have in Michigan, and to be recognized for doing so is really an honor.”
Aiken has been employed in the water and wastewater field for 44 years, with extensive experience in treatment plant operations, management, engineering, and sales. Since joining the MWEA in 1978, Aiken has served as Chairman of several of the Association’s committees, including the Research Committee, Education Committee, and Process Committee, which he formed. He served as President of the MWEA in 1990, and has been honored with several other awards for his dedication and service, including: MWEA Honorary Membership Award; MWEA Quarter Century Operator Award; MWEA Shephard Award; and the MWEA Arthur Sidney Bedell Award.
“Doing the important work we do behind the scenes – there is often very little recognition or notice of what we do, but I am always reminded of what Gary DeKock often says about water: ‘Who wants clean water? Everyone. When? All the time.’ It is truly humbling to be part of providing for that need.”
Duperon is the leader in preliminary liquids/solids separation technologies and provides simple solutions for coarse screening, fine screening, low flow screening, perforated screening, washing compacting, and conveying. Duperon technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan.