Duperon Moves; Bids Iraq Business

Duperon Corporation will be moving its multi-million dollar production operation to 3973 East Washington in June 2006. The new production space will provide Duperon Corporation the room necessary to continue growing its rapidly expanding national and international customer base.

Duperon Corporation is currently growing at a rate of 25% per year. This growth has caused the company to outgrow its production space, forcing manufacturing operations to occasionally spill onto the driveway of the current facility. Vice President Tammy Bernier spoke of the new space as an opportunity for the team: "Our team is excited. This will give us the room we need to execute our plans to build a world headquarters here in mid-Michigan. Our team has displayed extraordinary ingenuity and character in generating and managing the pain that is inherent with a fast-growing company. I would put them up against anyone, anytime in what we can pull off."

President Terry Duperon spoke of the move as a next step for the company, forwarding the vision he has for the company's future. "This move is a realization of our passion for entrepreneurship. I really think that in view of the current climate that it is only through entrepreneurial skills that we will find what's next for Michigan ."

Duperon Corporation is an engineering/manufacturing firm providing treatment solutions for municipal and industrial applications. The company has been located in Saginaw , Michigan since its first products came to market in 1979.

Duperon Corporation products include such innovations as the Self-Cleaning Trashrack, the FlexRake , compactors, conveyance systems, and other municipal and industrial water treatment solutions equipment. Application areas include wastewater, water treatment, storm water, pump stations, industrial intakes, hydroelectric, and fish screening.
Vice President Tammy Bernier was quick to point out that Duperon Corporation does not stand alone in this expansion. "There are many great businesses and agencies that have made growth possible: Saginaw Future, Buena Vista Township , Eastern Central Planning and RLF, and 1 st State Bank. This area has a great wealth of manufacturing infrastructure, and expansion continues with the support of vendors such as General Machine, Metro Fabrication, Bernier Cast Metals, Mercury Pattern, KLC Enterprises, and many others."