Duperon Corporation’s Mechanical Bar Screen Products Ease Odor Control, Lead Industry in Reducing COS

Duperon Corporation, established in 1985, designed and developed the FlexRake® for customers who wanted an automatic, continuous-cleaning mechanical barscreen product that is flexible, simple, minimizes odors, requires no operators and little to no maintenance. This innovative device is named the FlexRake® because of its unique ability to "flex" around large debris that can weigh over 1,000 pounds, removing it effortlessly. Additionally, the unique Duperon® FlexLink™ technology has eliminated the need for massive frame installation and extensive onsite engineering.

Nationally, many municipalities and diverse industries have been able to quickly adapt the FlexRake® to their existing environments or save money by retrofitting it to their existing barscreens. From a financial and operational viewpoint, the FlexRake® has consistently provided one of the lowest cost-of-ownership models in the industry. Its low-profile design saved one customer almost two million dollars on the construction of the building that will house the devices. Application areas include wastewater, water treatment, storm water, pump stations, industrial intakes, hydroelectric, pulp/paper mills, correctional institutions, food and beverage processing, and fish screening.
ther Duperon product lines include accessories for the FlexRake®, the Self-Cleaning Trashrack (first installed in 1979), controls for Duperon mechanical bar screen products, and drag chain conveyance systems.