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Is your plant going through design modifications or upgrades and you need to update your existing Duperon® bar screen? We have options that allow you to upgrade and add years to the lifespan of your machine and best of all, these options are cost effective and install quickly to reduce downtime.

Drive Head

The Fabricated Drive Head fits perfectly on any model of our FlexRake® bar screens. Constructed with 304/316 stainless steel to avoid rusting, 2205 duplex stainless steel drive pins for superior strength and durability, and a non-lubricated engineered polymer bearing on the end of the shaft which requires no greasing. The Fabricated Drive Head ships and installs from the hinge bars and comes standard with the motor and gearbox installed for ease of installation.

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“We are always seeking solutions that are cost efficient without sacrificing quality. The new drive head offered by Duperon accomplishes that goal while also keeping the environment top of mind, another top priority at South St. Joseph Industrial Sewer District. Our team is grateful for the partnership with Duperon Corporation and looks forward to future improvements that will allow us to continue serving our community to the best of our ability.”

Chad Coleman
General Manager
South St. Joseph Industrial Sewer District

Flexrake® Only IQ

The FRO IQ is an upgraded raking system designed for existing Duperon screens, which expands the capacity, capability, and wear resistance of the system without having to go through a new installation.

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We have options that allow you to upgrade and add years to the lifespan of your machine.