Flexrake® Only IQ

The FRO IQ is an upgraded raking system designed for existing Duperon screens, which expands the capacity, capability, and wear resistance of the system without having to go through a new installation.

Upgrading to the Duperon FRO IQ, gives plants the latest technologies and features:

  • 4x more debris removal with a unique scraper design and variable speed
  • Reduced maintenance with no monthly bearing lubrication
  • Reduction in damaged teeth with a unique tooth geometry and more resilient materials

A case study:
Upgraded technology extends life of Duperon Flexrake® screens in Chelford

Duperon’s FlexRake® Only IQ Screens expand the lifespan and provide updated technology to existing bar screens.

“These screens have made our lives easy, because they are operator friendly, low maintenance, and if you keep them washed down, they’ll work forever.”

Ramon Castillas

Simple Installation

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