Women in Leadership Names New Board Members for 2012

Saginaw, MI – Please join us in welcoming Tammy L. Bernier to the Board of Women in Leadership.

Tammy is currently the CEO of Duperon Corporation. She will be the Advisory Chair for the 2012 year.

Our theme is leadership for Women in Leadership, and we want to be ahead of change by keeping ourselves well-informed and well abreast of current trends.

Our Board of Directors governs the organization by emphasizing the strategic direction and values. To accomplish the goals of the organization, the Board of Directors established the following committees: advisory, program, membership, marketing, governance, nominating, and finance.

Our Advisory Committee serves to provide advice and expertise on issues pertaining to leadership positions in business, government or non-profits; be proactive and advise the organization about leadership and women issues; and to evaluate and recommend programs for the members.

Purpose and Vision

Women in Leadership Mid-Michigan is an organization of successful women leaders committed to promoting and developing the potential of women and improving the communities of the Great Lakes Bay Region through networking, relationship-building, education and training seminars and collaboration with other regional organizations.