Terry Duperon Inducted into Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame

Saginaw, Michigan – Terry Duperon, CEO of Duperon Corporation, was recently honored with induction into the Northeast Michigan Junior Achievement 12th Annual Business Hall of Fame. Duperon, along with fellow laureates Charles Curtiss and Martin Stark, were formally inducted at a May 21 reception in Bay City, Michigan.

The Junior Achievement of Northeast Michigan Business Hall of Fame was created to honor those individuals in Bay and Saginaw counties who display: the highest moral and ethical principles; significant contributions recognized by their organization and/or profession; demonstrated civic responsibility and community involvement; outstanding business achievement; and qualities of a role model to others, particularly youth.

Duperon established Duperon Corporation in 1985 as a manufacturer of pumps. Since then, the product line has evolved and expanded to include the Self-Cleaning Trashrack and FlexRake®, as well as complementary equipment. A visionary, entrepreneur, and inventor, today Terry Duperon is accountable for Duperon Corporation’s product line, remarking that it is his job to “steer the ship”. He and his partner, Vice President Tammy Duperon Bernier, have developed a vision for the company that defines it as a dynamic, down-to-earth organization providing extraordinary service with the global goal of clean water for all.

As an adult dyslexic, Terry Duperon has overcome his learning disability to thrive as an entrepreneur. In addition, he is committed to providing hope to others with learning disabilities by speaking about the subject whenever asked. His message is simple: “There is a place for you. Often in the entrepreneurial world, people will pay you for the result you produce regardless of how you produce it. Look for the things you love to do. You may learn differently, but this doesn’t mean you cannot succeed. His experience with dyslexia led him to co-author A Different Ability and to enthusiastically provide encouragement, which he gives freely upon meeting others who are challenged by learning disabilities. His dedication to this cause led to the development of Duperon Education, a curriculum which encompasses basic entrepreneurial skills anyone can use: the ability to see/hear opportunity; to take productive action; and to create something new.

Laureates are selected independently by a committee consisting of past laureates and other business leaders. 2008 laureates included Stephanie Burns, Dow Corning; Gary Labadie, Labadie Auto; and Gary and Mary Kay Yackel, Merrill Technologies Group.

Duperon Corporation is an engineering/manufacturing firm providing preliminary liquids/solids separation technologies for municipal and industrial applications. The company has been located in Saginaw, Michigan since its first products came to market in 1979. Duperon Corporation products include such innovations as the Duperon Self-Cleaning Trashrack, the Duperon® FlexRake®, Duperon® Washer Compactor, Duperon conveyance systems, and other municipal and industrial preliminary liquids/solids separation equipment. Application areas include stormwater, wastewater, pump stations, industrial intakes, and fish screening.