Ken’s Farewell: An All-American Road Trip

There is just nothing better than an All-American Road Trip. It is the ultimate getaway from our regular routine. However, it can also stir up emotions depending on who you are with and that is often what makes those certain places more important. Then how many times have we tried to duplicate that identical road trip and it just does not turn out anything like the first one? Everything is the same – except we can never duplicate the emotions that we were feeling on the first trip — and that is what made the trip so special.
Life is all about the emotions – where we are, who we are with and whether they are good or bad emotions. It is what makes us human – that is what makes each of us so special because we all see and feel things a little different. What makes me happy another might look at me and think what could that man possibly be seeing that makes him smile like that? It is called life and it is all about those ups and downs of life that makes each of us unique and every day special.
Did you ever have a bad experience that emotionally drained you? But when it was over you could smile because you kept your chin up, endured and did the right thing? In the end, you have the satisfaction of keeping to the high road and the bad experience loses much of its sting.
Life is like a Big Road Trip that changes around every twist and turn in the road. Keep your chin up and enjoy the ride. For over ten years now, I have been on a special road trip with Duperon Corporation. During this trip, I have met countless numbers of people and visited so many towns and cities that there is no way of keeping track of it all. I have had so many laughs with total strangers and even a few times, I have shed a tear. It has been an experience that few people will experience because the job is so unique. 
Now it is time for my life to take another turn. At the end of December, I will bring this road trip to an end. But you can bet that it will just be the beginning to another experience. Or as I look at it — it will be the start of another road trip with no idea where it may take me this time. Like Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it”. I am at that fork and I am certainly going to take it… after all every new beginning starts with some other beginning’s end.
I have been blessed with my very own special All-American Road Trip and I have been blessed to work with everyone at Duperon and our rep network. It has been a true pleasure for me. With the Holidays just around the corner I will count my blessings and certainly wish the Duperon team the best. This is not a time to be sad but a time to be thankful and watch for that fork in the road…and to take it.
All the best, 
Ken Johnson