Duperon Study Shows Cost-of-Ownership Over 10-Year Period to be $42/Month

Saginaw, MI – A study of records covering the 10-year operation of dozens of Duperon® FlexRake® FRHD bar screens demonstrates that the cost of ownership is $42 per unit, per month. This remarkably small 10-year cost of ownership is possible through the simplicity and durability that is engineered into Duperon® FlexRake® technology. For example: the FlexRake® incorporates highly effective jam evasion technology, which eliminates the need for a lower sprocket. This single design innovation eliminates the potential for wear and expense associated with maintaining a lower sprocket under water. In addition, tests show that the FlexLink™, which is employed on FlexRake® units, has a 60,000-pound ultimate strength that clearly contributes to the long-term durability and low cost-of-ownership of FlexRake® technology.

Duperon is the leader in preliminary liquids/solids separation technologies and provides equipment for coarse screening, fine screening, low flow screening, ultra screening, washing compacting, and conveying. Duperon technologies are designed, engineered, and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan.