Duperon Corporation Fills GlobalWatt-Sized Void in Saginaw

Saginaw, MI – Since 1990, Duperon Corporation has been quietly growing its presence in Saginaw and across the globe.

The company’s latest move, into the 74,000-square-foot facility at 1200 Leon Scott, marks not only continued growth for the company – which designs and manufactures large-scale water treatment devices for government agencies and municipalities – but also a happy ending for the building that was set to house failed solar company GlobalWatt. Duperon announced in April 2012 that it would move into the space after outgrowing its two facilities, including office space at 515 N. Washington in Saginaw, and a manufacturing facility at 3973 E. Washington in Buena Vista Township.

Duperon President and Chief Executive Officer Tammy Bernier said the company again this year is on track to break sales records and take additional share of the market. Duperon was founded by Bernier’s father, Terry Duperon, who has a state-of-the-art office at the company’s new digs.

“I remember starting in an upstairs bedroom and doing the building in the driveway,” Duperon said. “We’re a long way from where it started.”

The space was left empty by GlobalWatt, which in January 2012 announced it could not afford to stay in Saginaw. The announcement by GlobalWatt left a bad taste in Saginaw’s mouth as the company since 2009 had boasted its intent to invest $177 million to convert the empty warehouse and office into a solar panel plant that would employ 500 people within five years.

Duperon nearly left the city though, Bernier said, as finding a building to suit its needs was proving difficult.

“It was kind of like a miracle that this place opened up,” she said.

JoAnn Crary, President and Chief Executive Officer of Saginaw Future, which has worked with Duperon and provided loans for the company’s growth since 1990, said she is pleased the company landed where it did.

“Duperon Corporation is a great example of economic gardening, where an invention is developed and supported from idea to global distribution,” Crary said. “We’re so pleased that they chose to grow in Saginaw County and look forward to their continued developments.”

Having all 54 of Duperon’s employees in one space will help with collaboration, Bernier said. The company’s new space has about 7,500 square feet at the ready for future growth, and Bernier is confident there will be activity in that space soon.

Wolgast Corp. and Pinnacle Design worked together to create a water-like atmosphere, complete with soothing blue tones and images that Bernier said conjure thoughts of the goal at hand.

“We had a vision of creating a space where we could be our best,” Bernier said. “Our mission is to make a global difference.”

In 2010, Duperon grew 37 percent, and saw growth of 26 percent in 2011. The company currently has over 800 installations worldwide.

Bernier said the company recently added several new countries to its territory, including Iraq and Colombia, and there are no plans of slowing down now.

“We have a whole group of people committed to making a difference,” Bernier said.

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