Duperon® Auger Conveyor Provides Flexibility

Saginaw, MI – The Duperon® Auger Conveyor provides for increased site flexibility with the possibility of 90 degree turns within 90 inches. Ideal for distances of up to 40 feet, it is scalable to site constraints with modular components that make assembly – and additions – simple.

Constructed of abrasion and wear-resistant UHMW, the Duperon® Auger Conveyor accommodates grit without damage. Built to uphold the Duperon tradition of tough durability and simplicity, the Duperon® Auger Conveyor accepts screenings from multiple inputs and is designed to move screenings from hard-to-reach locations at rates of up to 18 cubic feet per hour, providing the perfect screenings transfer method for small- and medium-sized facilities.

Duperon Corporation is the leader in preliminary liquids/solids separation technologies and provides technologies for coarse screening, fine screening, ultra screening, washing compacting, and conveying. Duperon technologies are designed and manufactured in Saginaw, Michigan.