Duperon: Thirty Years of Innovation and Growth

The roots of Duperon Corporation reach back to the late 1970s when Terry L. Duperon - inventor and company founder - was looking for a way to protect the pumps he was building from the damage-causing debris commonly found in storm water. At the time, pumps in open channels were protected by bar screens, which had to be cleaned manually. This was a time-consuming and labor intensive task and Terry reasoned, “There must be a better way.” His search for “a better way” resulted in the development of the Self-Cleaning Trashrack (Note: The customers are still extremely happy with their equipment and Duperon experience). The success of this pump protection system focused Terry’s inventive energies on liquids/solids separation and the continuous improvement of screening technologies in general.

In 1985, Duperon Corporation - a privately held, family-owned business - was established and headquartered in the garage adjacent to Terry’s home near Saginaw, Michigan. As orders for Duperon® technology increased, the business was moved to ever-larger facilities in the Saginaw area - first, to two double-wide trailers; then, to an 18,000 square-foot industrial building; and finally, to the 70,000 square-foot facility that Duperon Corporation now calls home. As the company grew, it gathered a team of people that bring their talents and passion to make a difference; a team that fosters a culture of "you and me". This culture is one in which Duperon partners with many stakeholders in the industry for mutual progress: vendors, representatives, and customers.

Finding a Better Way

Initially, Duperon focused on open channel pump protection and flood control systems; however, with the 1995 introduction of FlexRake® technology into wastewater applications – with the technology's ability to adapt to changing debris conditions - demand for Duperon® wastewater technologies soared.

In 2008, Duperon Corporation discovered the Hydropression Effect in its R & D lab and began development of a fixed-element perforated plate screen technology that provides absolute protection for downsteam processes—an industry first. Today, this technology is revolutionizing the possibilities for perforated plate applications.

In 2013, the Duperon® engineering team developed the Millennial Platform for its core screening technologies. This platform provides for the long-term adaptability of Duperon technologies, such that Duperon® screening systems can be adapted to meet changes in the requirements of screening and other processes over the full life of the equipment.

During the last two decades, Tammy L. Bernier,  C.E.O of Duperon Corporation, has led the company to an enviable growth history of 25 percent yearly growth by following the basic principles set forth in the earliest days of the company.

“We made a commitment from the beginning that we would keep the promise of ‘You’ll Like Working with Us’ alive in each and every transaction. It is a promise we honor daily as we partner with our customers and vendors to create value and produce meaningful results,” explains Ms. Bernier.

“Likewise, we are committed to the virtues simplicity brings, from the geometry of the design to the engineering of each component; and from the installation process to operation and maintenance requirements.”

Duperon’s First Law of Simplicity: “Two parts are one part too many.”

For more than three decades, these principles - along with innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit - have allowed the Duperon® Team to serve our customers’ needs with simple, reliable technologies that can be counted on to protect pumps, processes, resources, and people - even in the harshest of conditions.

We encourage you to bring us your Preliminary Liquids/Solids Separation Technology challenges because “You’ll Like Working With Us.”

Chairman of the Board Terry Duperon (left) and CEO Tammy Bernier (right).

    You'll Like Working With Us

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