Make more accurate headloss
Predictions in bar screen design

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Predict Your Headloss with a Modifiable Formula

Now You Can Make Adjustments Based on Screen Size Openings!

For engineers in the water and wastewater space, inaccurate methods of predicting headloss present innumerable challenges. Calculating headloss with the Bernoulli or Kirschmer calculations has always been questionable, particularly with smaller screen openings. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could more nearly understand the underpinnings of those inaccuracies, and achieve better calculations?

Duperon and its partners layout in this whitepaper several instances where these methods deviate from the actual headloss. We then propose some solutions and strategies to modify these calculations which result in better predictions.

What’s included in this document?

Background of the problems introduced by inaccurate headloss calculations

Breakdown of variations from Bernoulli and Kirschmer predictions using different screen sizes, downstream conditions, and more.

Several formula and comparisons to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CDF)

Recommendations for making more accurate headloss predictions

Make More Accurate Headloss Predictions

This whitepaper clearly outlines inaccuracies in data when using the most common models, changes under a variety of flow conditions, and the most common coefficients for predicting headloss. We then present adjustments which can be made to modify these formulas to achieve more accurate results. Start calculating more accurately today!

Who would benefit from this whitepaper?

Senior Engineers who are are seeking to stay on the leading edge with their predictions and design models

Engineers in Training who want to get a leg up in the field and bring new knowledge to the table

Consulting Engineers who want more accurate methods for evaluating equipment needs

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