The Key to Process Sustainability

Treatment Plant Protection

Treatment Plant Protection

The sooner non-biological solids are removed, the more efficiently and economically treatment proceeds. Non-biological solids arrive at the treatment plant in all forms—from rags to bowling balls. These are not items for which treatment processes were designed or intended. Non-biologicals can slow or permanently damage processes with a cascade of impacts to pumps, and other mechanical systems. Biological and filtration processes can be slowed or rendered useless by most non-biologicals and energy can be wasted.

By employing specifically designed screen technology, these items can be easily removed at the influent and effectively prevent these disruptive and often costly consequences. Proper screening at the influent protects all your process investments downstream. This improves system sustainability and improves overall life-cycle costs, too.

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Bar Screens

Adaptive Bar Screen Systems can adapt to a wide variety of non-biological objects.

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Provide protection for the most vulnerable of processes.

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