Low Flow System

The Low Flow System is a pre-engineered, fully automated system for applications with average flows of 1 MGD or less, and up to 4 MGD peak flow. Proven SmartLink technology is paired with a single auger washer compactor to seamlessly remove, clean, compress and discharge screenings 5 ft CL in any direction.

Single Auger Low Flow System

    Duperon® Low Flow System 

    Over 80% of treatment plants in the country are rated for 1 MGD or less. Small community wastewater systems are often resource and budget constrained but their headworks still plays an important role in the treatment process.

    The Duperon FlexRake® Low Flow was introduced in 2009 and has been an effective screening solution to serve this market. We are excited to announce the launch of our Low Flow Washer Compactor Companion – perfectly sized and priced to integrate with the FlexRake Low Flow for a competitive yet superior-performing system.

    Like all Duperon products, the Low Flow System is a solution that is simple in design, requires minimum maintenance and delivers a low cost of ownership.

    Duperon® Low Flow System Features & Benefits

    Superior Performance:

    • 80% Volume Reduction
    • 60% Weight Reduction
    • 60% Dry Solids

    Low Profile/Compact Design:

    The footprint is nearly half the size of in-channel auger systems.

    Low Energy Consumption:

    The entire system operates with ¾ HP motor total.

    Comprehensively Cost-Effective:

    Pre-engineered standard design saves money and expedites delivery of equipment to three months or less. Yet flexible enough to meet your site needs: Motor locations, drain connection and discharge chute configurable. Save operator time, hauling and landfill costs.

    Duperon® Low Flow System General Specifications

    General Flex Rake® Low Flow Flow Flow® Washer Compactor
    Average Flow Capacity: 1 MGD or less 5.5 cu.ft/hr
    Peak Flow Capacity: 4 MGD 8 cu.ft/hr
    Bar Openings: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", 1" N/A
    Channel Widths: 12", 18", 24" N/A
    Channel Depths: 2' to 6' (available in .5' increments) N/A
    Screenings Discharge Chute: N/A Customizable up to 10' in any direction
    Maximum Liquid Level: 22" N/A
    Minimum Liquid Level: 0" (can run dry) N/A

    1/4 HP 1/2 HP
    1 PH/115 or 230 VAC 1 PH/115 or 230 VAC
    3 PH/240 or 480 VAC 3 PH/240 or 480 VAC
    TEFC, inverter duty explosion proof, inverter dutyd

    Water Supply: Fecal breakdown sprayer (optional use) Wash Water
    Filtered effluent screened Filtered effluent screened
    At/below (150) Micron At/below (150) Micron
    100 Mesh screen 100 Mesh screen
    Supply Connection: 1/2" NPT Male connection 1/2" NPT Female connection -or- 
    GHT 3/4" Female fitting for std garden hose
    Consumption: 2-4 GPM 2-10 GPM
    Required Pressure: 20-60 PSI 40-60 PSI
    Drain Connection: N/A 3" NPT

    Materials of Construction
    304 SSTL or 316 SSTL: Enclosure, Deadplate, Closeouts Hopper, Discharge Chute
    316 SSTL: Teardrop Shaped Screen Bars N/A
    UHMW: SmartLink Auger Supports

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