Absolute Protection of Downstream Processes.

No dynamic seals to wear and ultimately fail.

Perforated Screen

    Duperon® FlexRake® Sentinel PFE

    (Perforated Fixed-Element)

    In 1995, Duperon Corporation created a new screening segment in the wastewater market with the introduction of the Duperon® FlexRake®. The designed simplicity of this multi-rake screen earned its own U.S. Patent for solutions to many operator challenges: no lower sprockets, bearings, or guide tracks for in-channel maintenance; no alignment issues; no jamming; and high operation and maintenance costs. Now, more than 20 years later, Duperon continues to hold that engineered simplicity as its standard of design.

    The Duperon® FlexRake® Sentinel PFE follows this tradition, with more than eight years of research, development, and in-field testing to assure the elimination of common fine-screening issues. The Sentinel offers patented solutions to assure efficient debris removal without the challenges common to perforated screens: no blinding; no stapling; and no carryover. Whether you're selecting a perforated screen for increased debris removal and efficiency or to protect downstream processes, the Duperon® FlexRake® Sentinel stands at the ready.

    Duperon® Perforated Plate Technology Features & Benefits

    Absolute Protection:

    Uses a fixed-element screen, which provides absolute protection for downstream processes (even in the event of a mechanical failure).

    Active Hydropression™:

    Cleans each individual hole by managing the hydrostatic pressure, which allows efficient low-volume, low-pressure jet cleaning. Proven effective against clogging, stapling, and blinding.

    Corrugated Screen:

    The corrugated geometry of the screen increases screen strength and provides improved headloss dynamics compared to flat screens.

    Proven FlexLink™ Technology:

    Duperon® Perforated Plate screens employ proven FlexLink technology which has been used for decades on FlexRakes.

    Millennial™ Platform:

    The modular Millennial Platform supports future design developments and makes it possible to make changes to meet future process requirements.

    Duperon® Perforated Plate Technology General Specifications

    Typical Applications:

    • Municipal and industrial wastewater, pre-process debris removal, membrane protection, tertiary screening, scum screening, pre-screening of process waters.

    Unit Width:

    • 2 feet to 12 feet
    • Other widths considered dependent on site constraints

    Unit Length:

    • 10 feet to 40 feet

    Angle of Installation:

    • 0 degrees (vertical)

    Standard Materials of Construction:

    • Standard: 304 Stainless Steel 
    • Available in: 316 Stainless Steel

    Aperture Opening:

    • 2mm, 4.0mm, 6.0mm

    Debris Skimmer:

    • 304 SSTL, 316 SSTL and HDEP
    • Scraper positioned every 21 inches.

    Standard Controls Options:

    • Packages range from simple start/stop to sophisticated automation. Motor overload protection provided. Contact Duperon® for further details and assistance in selecting the perfect package for your site.

    Operation Options:

    • Continuous/Manual 
    • Automatic with timer, float, SCADA, differential/high-level sensing options with I/O as needed

    Duperon® Perforated Plate Technology Videos

    Duperon Perforated Plate

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