Easy, Economical Conveyance

Ideal for distances up to 40 feet – even around corners with 90° turns.

Auger Conveyor

    Duperon® Auger Conveyor Description

    The Duperon® Auger Conveyor provides affordable conveyance for wastewater screenings, while accommodating many different configurations with flexibility – 90° turns within a 90” radius are possible. Designed for rates of up to 40 cubic feet per hour, the Duperon® Auger Conveyor is ideal for distances of up to 40 feet.

    Duperon® Auger Conveyor Features & Benefits


    The Duperon® Auger Conveyor permits 90° turns within a minimum 90” radius.


    The Duperon® Auger Conveyor utilizes an auger constructed of naturally wear-resistant UHMW-PE.


    In addition to its flexibility around corners, the Duperon® Auger Conveyor is able to accept screenings from multiple inputs; an optional second hopper allows for discharge that fits your site.

    Duperon® Auger Conveyor General Specifications


    Maximum Discharge Inclination Angle: 30 Degrees (Measured from Horizontal)
    Maximum Installation Length: 40'
    Auger Outer Diameter: 8"
    Auger Inner Diameter: 6"
    Motor Horse Power: 0.25


    Debris Capacity: 18 ft3/hr
    Operation: Continuous
    Conveyed Material: Screenings
    Auger Speed: Up to 7 RPM
    Maximum Solid Size: 5.5" diameter


    Electrical: 115/220 Volt Single Phase, 240/480 Volt Three Phase
    Power Consumption: 188 Watts
    Drain Connection: 3” NPT Female


    Auger: UHMW Polyethylene
    Tube: 8” diameter PVC UV Stable
    Hopper/Housing: 304 or 316 Stainless Steel
    Discharge Auger: UHMW Polyethylene
    Main Thrust Bearing: UHMW Polyethylene


    Five Years: Recommended gearbox service
    Quarterly: Inspection Routine

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