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Duperon Moves; Bids Iraq Business

Ursula Rozanski posted on July 20, 2004

Duperon Corporation will be moving its multi-million dollar production operation to 3973 East Washington in June 2006. The new production space will provide Duperon Corporation the room necessary to continue growing its rapidly expanding national and international customer base. Duperon Corporati... Read More »

Duperon Corporation

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Duperon Corporation’s Mechanical Bar Screen Products Ease Odor Control, Lead Industry in Reducing COS

Ursula Rozanski posted on February 06, 2004

Duperon Corporation, established in 1985, designed and developed the FlexRake® for customers who wanted an automatic, continuous-cleaning mechanical barscreen product that is flexible, simple, minimizes odors, requires no operators and little to no maintenance. This innovative device is named th... Read More »

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