Duperon Corporation Founder Teaches Entrepreneurial Skills in Accra, Ghana

Sarah Courtright posted on April 05, 2018

Saginaw, MI - April 5, 2018 - Terry Duperon, chairman of the board of Duperon Corporation, was the special guest and keynote speaker at the PALI Centre for Leadership and People Development's annual New Year School in Accra, Ghana. Duperon was invited to participate by Dr. Joseph Ofori-Dankwa, professor at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and Ghana native who is committed to his homeland's success.

"It was such an honor and so humbling to work with students who had so little in the way of material things but had this unbelievable dignity and passion for learning and making a difference for their country," said Duperon. "The students came to the class with these selfless dreams of transforming local orphanages, educating children with autism and dyslexia, and starting businesses. These students moved me."

The four-day program focused on encouraging African leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in ways that will stimulate economic growth in their local communities. Ten Ghanaian students attended the class in January and Duperon continues to mentor four of them via email. He is also working with Ghanaian leaders, exploring ways to create sustainable economic growth. Initial ideas to spur socio-economic development in the region using existing local resources include building a distillery and a cannery.

Prince Roland, a student in the class, commented, "I had the opportunity of being under the first-class training of Duperon Education here in Ghana. It was impacting and life transforming. I really love Duperon."

Growing up on a farm in rural Michigan, Terry Duperon was inspired in third grade when his teacher introduced him to the great inventors. He knew immediately that he would become an inventor himself. That boyhood dream became a reality as Duperon held multiple patents and founded Duperon Corporation in 1985. He remains passionate about sharing his innovation and invention experience through his Duperon Education class, identifying basic entrepreneurial skills that anyone can use. Duperon has taught more than 1,500 students in mid-Michigan. He teaches the ability to see and hear opportunity, take productive action, and create something in the future that does not exist today. He has taught senior engineers at SVSU and is the author of A Different Ability and Dare to be Different.

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Author: Sarah Courtright

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  • Duperon Corporation Founder Teaches Entrepreneurial Skills in Accra, Ghana

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