Duperon Corporation Eliminates Clogged Pumps at the Drake Pump Station

The Drake Pump Station, located in Saginaw, Michigan experienced chronic pump maintenance due to flushable wipes.  Although the dry pit pump station represented only 0.1 million gallons per day (mgd) of flow in the city’s collection network, it required a substantial amount of servicing – up to three times a week. This consisted of two operators spending four hours manually removing rags in a confined space entry to clean out the clogged pump. It was a dirty, unplanned and time-consuming task.

    In partnership with the City, Duperon Corporation adapted a proven screening system for a novel application.  Deployed inside a 19-inch manhole, the system uses three existing Duperon technologies to screen, compact, and transport collected debris 26 feet vertically without auger-assisted conveyance. For the duration of the testing period, the City had zero instances of clogged pumps resulting in a potential labor and maintenance savings of over $41,000 annually.

    Traditional solutions to handle flushable wipes require manual cleanouts or maintenance-intensive grinders that shred fibers to re-constitute, compromising downstream equipment.  By removing non-dissolvable solids at (or near) the point they enter the collection system, the Duperon System restores systemwide integrity and resiliency… all with the simplicity and reliability that you have come to expect from Duperon innovation.

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