Our Culture…

The Duperon Team operates within the business model of “YOU AND ME”, where all involved are served by the presence of the company and team. Our team has a synergy created and fed by shared values and vision. We are productive within a work week that encourages balance, and we have innovative programs in place to support, empower, and train our team to utilize individual passions, dreams and talents to make a difference in the world. As individuals, each employee is accountable that the team achieves performance, operates within integrity, and empowers potential.

Our culture values innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, and Duperon’s adaptive product lines seek to be the leading edge in engineering, design, and manufacturing technology. Duperon’s research and development department has always played a major role in the evolution of product technology; even when Duperon consisted of just three employees, research and development was a strong force (if not yet technically a department). Then and now, the ideas generated by this team of people drive the company’s technology forward in alignment with the company’s core values of simplicity and innovation.

Most importantly, our culture loves to WOW our customers. We don’t want to simply meet expectations or deliver a product. We seek to truly excel in service and responsiveness that goes beyond our customers’ needs and provides solutions for their problems, today and in the future.

What makes our culture thrive is us… Our team is composed of those who see opportunity for themselves within the mission of Duperon.

Our Mission…

Team Duperon: Daring to Make a Difference
For people
For water
For the planet

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